What will this mean for patients?

The Partnership is working for patients on:

Improving the health of the population

Helping more people stay healthy and taking better care of those who are not.

We want to bring about a fundamental change in the way people and our communities take charge of – and responsibility for – managing their own health andelderly care wellbeing, whether they are well or ill.

This will include exploring the development of new relationships between NHS and social care staff and the public who use services; finding the thousands of people who are currently living with life changing health issues and do not even know about them and investing far more in preventing ill health. We want people to start well, live well and age well.


Improving the quality of care

So that more people survive serious illness and patients’ experience of care is positive.

We want to develop local ways of working where GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and other health professionals co-ordinate with social care, the voluntary sector and others looking after people’s physical and mental health to plan and deliver care – so when people do need support from public services it’s largely in their community, with hospital only needed for specialist care.

 And we want to ensure hospitals work together across a range of clinical services, to make sure expertise, experience and efficiencies can be shared widely so that everyone can benefit equally from the same high standards of specialist care

Delivering care more efficiently

Creating a high quality, well performing and affordable health and social care system with a sustainable future.

This will include exploring sharing some clinical and non-clinical support functions across lots of organisations; giving people greater access and control over their health records and ensuring they are available in hospitals, GP practices and with social care so people can tell their story once; investing in workforce development; sharing and consolidating public sector buildings; investing in new technology, research and development, innovation and the spreading of great ideas.

What will success look like?

We want Cheshire and Merseyside to become a place with a thriving economy supported by skilled and healthy people. Skilled, healthy and independent people are crucial to bring jobs, investment and therefore prosperity. We know that people who have jobs, good housing and are connected to families and community feel, and stay, healthier.

So we need to take action not just in health and social care, but across the whole range of public services so the people here can start well, live well and age well. By 2021, we want to realise some big benefits for the people of Cheshire and Merseyside including: 

- fewer people dying from cancer, heart attacks and strokes

- mental health services that are consistently high quality and funded to the national standard 

- all communities supported to lead healthy lives

- better access to more services closer to home to reduce the need to visit A&E

- consistently high quality and safe care for women and children

- more people with learning disabilities supported to live in the community

- teams of professionals working together to provide care at or close to home.

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