Cheshire and Merseyside People Professions Recognition Flip Book


In June 2021, we held our first virtual People Summit. It was a fantastic three days highlighting the innovative and impactful work of those leading and supporting the people agenda in Cheshire and Merseyside.

Following on from this, we wanted to offer a space to recognise and promote the work of the people professions and those working to progress the people strategy in the region, as well as celebrating their achievements through this past difficult year. As a result, the People Professions Recognition Flip Book was born.

Nominations were canvassed across our region from anyone in health and care to recognise colleagues working in HR, OD, Learning and Development, Workforce, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Occupational Health, Health and Wellbeing, Communications and Engagement and other related disciplines, but also colleagues who supported our staff during the pandemic.

The Health and Care Partnership’s Workforce and OD Team, supported by the Communications Team, collated the 60 Cheshire and Merseyside nominations received in celebration of those who have gone above and beyond. The flip book is available to view on our website:

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