Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccination Pillar 1:

The hospital hubs continue to successfully vaccinate the Cheshire and Merseyside population. However, vaccine supply has again been significantly reduced over the last week. Hospital hubs continue to work with their local systems to ensure all priority cohorts are vaccinated as soon as possible along with frontline staff and health and social care workers. Plans continue to be developed for their future within places and second doses are starting to be delivered.

Vaccination Pillar 2:

The Saints site continues to offer over 5,000 vaccines each week. The 2 additional centres in East Cheshire at Alderley Park Conference Centre and in West Cheshire at Chester Racecourse are now open however low bookings at Alderley Park this week have resulted in a temporary closure. As further cohorts are now open and letters are being sent to patients this week and next it is hoped that bookings will increase in all vaccination centres.

Vaccination Pillar 3:

As of February 24 a total of 48 Primary Care Network sites are live and operating across all our 9 Places. To date approximately 94% of over 70 year olds across Cheshire and Merseyside have been vaccinated, 82% of health and social care staff and 82% of 65-69 Year olds. The C&M vaccine programme completed the cohort 1-4 offer in line with the national programme date of 14th February. The focus is now on completing cohorts 1-9 by 15th April. Significant planning is underway for second dose deliveries in hospital hubs from w/c 22nd March with PCNs and care homes following shortly after. Vaccine supply remains a current constraint on maximising operational capacity across the 4 pillars and this position is expected to continue until the middle of March. At present the run-rate for C&M is approximately 66k vaccinations per week. This needs to increase to around 140k per week from mid-March to deliver the April 15th timescale. The maximum capacity available at present is 189k vaccinations per week.

Vaccination Pillar 4:

There is a marked difference in some sites between the vaccine allocation and the potential number of weekly vaccinations a site could achieve. We are anticipating this gap will narrow as vaccine supply increases and the numbers in the lower cohorts requiring vaccination increase. The programme operational lead is working with each site on a daily basis to support these sites and our current focus is to ensure that we have all potential bookings confirmed as 100 booked each week on all sites to ensure that vaccine is delivered to patients within the week to ensure timely delivery of all allocated vaccines. There is really good collaboration between PCN systems and the local pharmacy designated sites offer supported by CCG leads. This can really maximise the offer to patients in these localities and encourage joined up delivery of local plans. There is also collaboration between pharmacy designated sites and the Local Authority Public Health leads looking at ways to support and manage the uptake in vulnerable groups. The biggest issues this week were the late revision of delivery dates and late notification of the move from Thursday to Friday of the “split” deliveries. Some pharmacies expecting delivery on the Thursday were pushed back to Friday which required significant mutual aid from vaccination centres to prevent the cancellation of almost 7000 appointments.