COVID-19 Vaccine

Hospital hubs – Vaccination Pillar 1 :

  • Since the first 3 hospital hubs went live in December, we now have 16 Hospital and Community/Mental Health Providers live as of last week. There are a further 3 hospital sites going live which will provide further increased coverage across the Cheshire and Merseyside region.
  • With the above we are rapidly seeing a significant increase in the numbers of people being seen who are either over 80, or classed within the most vulnerable staff working within residential and health care settings. As of 7th January, Hospital hubs have also been asked to vaccinate front line health and social care workers.
  • Since hospital hubs commenced vaccinating, significantly more vaccinations have taken place with plans to further increase throughput across all sites as the availability of additional Pfizer vaccine to order improves and also the Astra Zeneca vaccine becomes more widely available. The focus remains on delivery of first doses to as many patients as possible in line with ministerial guidance.

Vaccination centres – Vaccination Pillar 2:

  • Work is continuing on developing the Pillar 2 vaccination offer. The vaccine that will be deployed in Cheshire and Merseyside will be the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which is easier to deploy due to its less onerous cold chain storage. Modelling work has been carried out to inform the deployment of the vaccine to meet the target to vaccinate all individuals in JCVI categories 1-4 by the middle of February and also JCVI categories 1-9 by the end of April. For the latter this has shown that there are some gaps in the Liverpool and Cheshire Places and further work is being carried out by Place Leads to confirm this and put forward potential pillar 2 vaccination sites for approval in Tranche 5.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – Vaccination Pillar 3: 

  • As of 8th January a total of 44 Primary Care Network sites and live and operating across all our 9 Places this week. In line with the Prime Ministers deadline to deliver a first dose of vaccine to the first 4 cohorts in the JCVI guidance teams are continuing to focus on the >80s and care homes as the top priorities. To date a large number of doses have been delivered and there is now a push to increase throughout considerably subject to vaccine availability.

Community Pharmacy – Vaccination Pillar 4:

  • Where identified and agreed by Places, 2 Community pharmacy sites were planned to go live last week, with further tranches expected over the following weeks. Plans are in place across all delivery models to maximise capacity and deliver sustainable capacity subject to vaccine flow.