Amity Portal Project Update

The Amity portal is a web based PHR (personal health record) and will empower citizens within Cheshire and Merseyside to take control of their own health and well-being.

This will allow users access (via NHS Login) to view their medical records, appointments, and digitised letters. It will also suggest accredited resource apps to assist in self-care for their conditions. Integration discussions continuing with various suppliers and third parties. Linking in with NHSX and the Cheshire and Merseyside Digital Inclusion team in relation to patient engagement and benefit realisation.

Amity Functionality

  • NHS Login/authentication process
  • Access to GP appointments and medications via NHS Login
  • Questionnaire builder and response capability
  • Access to digitised letters
  • Access to App library – ORCHA
  • Access to Education/Information resources
  • Access for citizens to their own secondary care clinical records
  • Citizens record their own information and track health & wellbeing


  • Link with NHS Login has been approved, ability to view future and past primary care appointments will be available mid-April.
  • Content for RECAP Health information and education packs has been completed, authentication work for NHS Login has been submitted.
  • Questionnaire roadmap in development, Clinical Engagement workshop scheduled for 08 April 2021.
  • Integration discussions continue with NHSX for link with NHS App.

Product offering and defined methodology framework to be finalised along with the process for adoption for trusts, clinicians, and suppliers.