Collaboration at Scale

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) update

A kick off session was held last month to understand the best way to approach RPA collaboration. We will hold monthly sessions to share best practise, invite suppliers and showcase work completed to seek opportunities for improvement, innovation and knowledge share. The aim is for project managers supporting this to come together to provide reporting on a weekly or monthly basis.

We will be utilising the Collaboration Hub to store processes, suppliers, white papers, updates and reporting.

Smartsheets update

In order to support the establishment of the Digital PMO, it was deemed necessary to purchase an online project management

tool.  Smart Sheet licences and development time have been procured and we have already made great progress in the development of the first phase of the application and we anticipate the first reports being produced for the Shared Care Record Programme at the end of April.

A working group has been established to open up regionally the functionality and capabilities of Smart Sheets to support the vision of collaborative working across the North West. We are already in discussions with Lancashire and South Cumbria to see how we can work collaboratively in terms of Project Management Methodology, documentation, reporting and benefits realisation.

This is just the beginning! We do already have a list of members from some of our CCG’s that have expressed an interest in the use of Smart Sheets and we will be in touch with you all very soon as we would like to facilitate a demonstration provided by Smart Sheets to allow them the opportunity to share with you all what Smart Sheets can do you for you and hopefully for you all to have the opportunity to share with them your wants and needs.

Should you be interested in being part of this exciting project, please contact Amanda Townley by email via the PMO mailbox, using the subject heading  “Smart Sheets – I want to get involved”.