Shared Care Record Programme


For the past two years the Share2Care Programme consisting of Cheshire and Merseyside and Lancashire and South Cumbria have successfully implemented the Local Health and Care Records Exemplar Programme (LHCRE). The aim of the programme was to join up information across different care settings in England to support clinicians in delivering safer and more effective care to patients.

The programme has been a success and is considered by NHS England’s national team as one of the more successful programmes for its delivery.

Benefits of Share2Care

At a delivery meeting held on 18th February, the Share2Care programme team shared a presentation outlining the benefits of Cheshire and Merseyside’s information sharing platform, which we know as ‘Share2Care’.

By reading this presentation, you’ll get a better understanding of how Share2Care and the two “viewers” (called e-Xchange for Cheshire and Merseyside, and Local Person Record Exchange Service (LPRES) for Lancashire and South Cumbria) that enable clinicians to access the data held on the platform, support them in delivering safer, more effective care to patients.

The teams weekly utilisation report highlighted that as of 31st January 2021, 5,234,942 (yes, that’s over five million) documents had been published on LPRES and as of 15th February 2021, it was reported that 3,014,529 documents had been published on e-Xchange.

This hopefully helps to illustrate to you how much valuable information is available via the platform to clinicians, to support them in their roles. As one cardiology consultant told us; “Information in medicine is the key to all appropriate medical care. The Share2Care platform has revolutionised my ability to deliver prompt appropriate care and has saved vast amounts of my, my secretaries and primary care time”.

The numbers speak for themselves too, as within the 13 month period from January 2020 to January 2021 the LPRES and e-Xchange viewers were utilised an average of around 14,604 per month for e-Xchange and 15,3553 times per month for LPRES, with a grand total of 189,864 hits/views recorded on the e-Xchange viewer and 1,996,196 recorded on the LPRES viewer! This helps to highlight again just how valuable Share2Care is to clinicians across our region, who when surveyed, have also told us that the platform has helped to make information more accessible (especially data that’s been uploaded by GPs and other Trusts), helps support clinical decision making, makes medication and prescription information more accessible, saves time and above all improves patient experience.

Where the programmes up to

The LHCRE and Share2Care Programme has come to a successful end in its delivery of the original scope in joining up information across care settings in England to support patient care. However, it has been decided that as a region we would like to continue to work on the good work that has been undertaken, through developing a new programme that fits within NHS England’s vision, along with the two ICS’s (integrated care systems) digital strategies.

Working together, a new programme has been identified which consists of 13 projects, which are outlined in the graphic below.

NHS England are transitioning to a revised programme called ‘The Shared Record’, however as yet they’ve not published their programme of works and the reporting requirements for April onwards. Despite this, we’ve been working very closely with the team at NHS England and have been advised that our revised programme seems to be very robust and will support in adapting to the upcoming changes that will arrive shortly.

What’s next for the programme

Over the coming months, new programme and project documentation will be completed by the team and other key stakeholders to outline the aims, objectives, deliverables, benefits and risks of the projects and programme.

A review will take place on the governance arrangements as new project teams and working groups will be need to be established across the regions in order to ensure delivery of the programme along with the necessary boards being revised to ensure that there are clear roles and responsibilities in the delivery of the overall programme.

There are a small number of milestones that need to be completed within the month of April and along with the new programme will be included in the reporting mechanism that will be established for the agreed boards.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Share2Care programme team for all of their hard work over the past two years and to all the key stakeholders who have been involved and contributed to the success of the Share2Care Programme. We look forward to seeing what the next chapter of the Shared Care Record Programme brings and we’ll update you on our progress in the next bulletin.