New portal for data sharing agreements

Why should I use the ISG?

The ISG will simplify the data sharing process and make the current process much more efficient. The process is fully digital so there is no paper involved. No need to print, no need to scan and no need to physically travel between destinations to get signatures or try to decipher illegible or poor-quality documents or images. The data sharing agreement is created on the ISG, reviewed electronically, and signed electronically. There’s full visibility at every step and you can see all your agreements and signatories in one place.

What are the benefits?

Some of the Key features and benefits include:

  • Cost savings on staff resources, materials, transport costs, time
  • The process becomes much more efficient
  • Reduction in amount of time spent preparing a sharing agreement and getting sign off
  • Partner engagement becomes more efficient
  • Reduction in amount of time spent on information requests and preparing for meetings
  • Reduces the likelihood of sharing data when there is no agreement to do so
  • Improved clinical safety by facilitating the sharing of data sooner

The simplified process means less time is spent preparing the agreements and getting them signed off. Case studies have shown that using the ISG can reduce the average preparation time from 22 hours to just 2 hours and reduce the sign-off process from 100 hours down to 6. Wigan, Wrightington and Leigh Foundation Trust processed all 46 of their agreements using the ISG and reported savings of £140,000, compared to their old process. This equated to a saving of £3063 for every agreement they processed!

What do I need to do?

The Project team will complete the initial registration for your organisation. Not everyone at your organisation will need access to the ISG – Only staff directly involved in the creation of or the review/approval process for your data sharing agreements.

Upon registration, an automated email will be sent to the named individuals, which will require actioning as follows:

  • Click on the link provided.
  • Create a username (email address) and password by following the on-screen instructions.

Once you have logged into the ISG, the home page will display your organisation’s set up progress (%). You will need to complete the set up by following the ‘Go’ icons:

  • Sign the MOU on behalf of your organisation (Only the Senior officer can sign this)
  • Submit your assurance

This should be the most significant, recognised information governance compliance standards adhered to by your organisation. (an administrator or senior officer can do this).

Assurance information can be viewed by other organisations registered on the ISG and suggests to others that they are sharing data with a safe pair of hands.

  • Add your privacy notice (an administrator or senior officer can do this)

Once these steps have been followed, your organisation will be 100% compliant and will be given an assurance rating of either Significant (green)Limited (amber) or None (red), which will be visible to all users. The ISG will not stop you sharing data with organisations that have limited assurance, but the assurance level is displayed.

When can I start using the ISG?

Before you can start creating data flows, it is recommended that you attend an on-line training session, if you haven’t already.

There is also a sandpit ISG which you can be given access to if you would like to familiarise yourself with the process before creating live agreements.

If you would like to schedule training or would like adding to the sandpit, please contact