Partnership Coordination Group update – 5th November

The Partnership Coordination Group (PCG) meets fortnightly to support the coordination of activity and communication of Cheshire and Merseyside’s health and care response to Coronavirus.

The PCG is a sub-group of the Partnership Board and supports the command and control escalation structures in place for the Partnership’s Coronavirus response, including Local Resilience Forums (LRFs) and NHS Gold Command (Hospital and Out of Hospital cells). This briefing provides an overview of the key discussions from the meeting held on Thursday 13th 5th November.

Managing capacity in and out of hospital

The Cheshire and Merseyside Out of Hospital Cell has been working with partners across the region to manage the flow of COVID-19 patients from hospital to the community. Due to the rise in positive cases, and therefore hospitals admissions, there have been a number of challenges that have arisen when trusts are discharging patients following treatment. Examples include staff absences, process delays and issues in social care settings.

This is an ongoing piece of work and requires support from both the Hospital and Out of Hospital Cells in Cheshire and Merseyside, as well as the Gold Command structure currently in place.

Flu vaccination

This year, flu vaccinations for both the workforce and the general public has been incredibly important. Eileen O’Meara, Director of Public Health and Public Protection for Halton and Warrington, gave an update on the significant uptake in the vaccine over the last month and detailed any further considerations that need to be made to ensure that as many groups, including social care staff, are vaccinated.

NHS 111 First

Warrington was one of the first areas to trial NHS 111 First, which aims to reduce the number of unnecessary presentations to A&E, as well as high numbers of patients presenting at the one time, which makes social distancing difficult. The programme aims to go live nationally in December and due to the opportunity to pilot the scheme locally, Cheshire and Merseyside will benefit from the initial learning that has already taken place to ensure that NHS 111 First will support patients as effectively as possible, which will be key during the winter period.

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