Our Priorities and Ambitions

  • Roll out LED lighting schemes – these save money and use less energy.
  • Ensure all energy is purchased from 100% renewable resources.
  • Invest in renewable energy technology such as hydrogen, solar, thermal and combined heat and power systems.
  • Implement the waste hierarchy. Run repair and reuse schemes and adopt standard equipment lists to prevent waste and aid easy refurbishment.
  • Explore alternative methods of waste management, including ozonation and refuse derived fuel processes – aim: ‘zero to landfill’.
  • Ensure buildings are properly insulated and maintained, including draught-proofing of windows and doors.
  • Work with staff and patients by communicating the importance of water efficiency.
  • Utilise water efficient technologies, such as low flow taps, reducing the capacity of toilet cisterns, and encouraging the early reporting of water leaks.
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