Heart Failure Pathway


The Cheshire and Merseyside Cardiac Board recently shared the development of an integrated end-to-end pathway that will improve access and outcomes for people with heart failure.

The pathway has been developed with patients, GPs, cardiologists, heart failure specialist nurses, pharmacists, cardiac rehab teams and other specialists (palliative care, kidney specialists) across Cheshire and Merseyside, integrating primary, secondary and tertiary care.

View the pathway here.

Heart Failure Pathway event

A Heart Failure Pathway event, funded by Novartis and AstraZeneca*, in partnership with Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership, Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust and heart failure charity, Pumping Marvellous, was held on 25th November 2021.

The event was chaired by Dr Joe Mills, Consultant Cardiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital / Clinical Network Lead Cheshire and Merseyside Cardiac Board, and Jonathan Develing, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

Sessions included:

  • Patient stories
  • The role of heart failure multidisciplinary teams in relation to Cheshire and Merseyside pathway
  • The role of primary care in relation to Cheshire and Merseyside pathway
  • The role of other specialists in heart failure in relation to Cheshire and Merseyside pathway

See below a YouTube playlist of recordings from the event.


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