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Why integrated working is important?

We all want the very best health and wellbeing for our families, friends, communities and for ourselves. And when we need to access health and care services, we want these to provide us with the best care and the best outcomes.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we engaged extensively across our partnership to understand the key health and wellbeing issues for our people and communities.

This engagement reinforced that we need to address several significant and well-documented challenges. These are not unique to Cheshire and Merseyside, although some problems are worse for us locally.

Stroke, suicide, alcohol related harm and death from violent crime were all identified for targeted whole system action, together with better access to services in deprived communities.

To achieve our vision, we will need to make some tough decisions. But we must be resolute in our ambition to collaborate to deliver improved health and wellbeing of the 2.5 million people of all ages living across our communities.

We have seen that it can be done. Throughout the pandemic, a shared purpose has enabled us all to fully appreciate each partner’s contribution. It’s vital to build on this as we consider our future ways of working.

Glossary of terms

In order to make this website as accessible as possible, we’ve tried to make sure all abbreviated terms, sector-specific language and jargon is not used or is fully explained where unavoidable.

We have provided a glossary of frequently used terms and abbreviations used on this website.

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