Leadership framework



Clinical and care leadership framework

A vital component of the ICS is a leadership framework that will outline how clinical and care professionals will be involved in all aspects of ICS decision-making. This framework is a statutory requirement for all ICSs across the country.


Why it matters

An inclusive framework will maximise the potential for the ICS to have a profound and lasting impact on health, economic and social outcomes in Cheshire and Merseyside. It will support you to deliver the highest quality care possible – to do your jobs effectively and safely.


What it will do

 The framework will:

  • Outline how services are involved in vital planning, transformation, redesign and delivery decisions, such as how resources are distributed.
  • Maintain the depth and breadth of clinical leadership we currently have and build on the expertise of existing clinical and care professional networks.
  • Ensure the priorities, strategies and plans of the integrated care partnership (ICP) and integrated care board (ICB) fully connect with the needs and aspirations of local communities, service users and carers.
  • Ensure shared learning, collaboration, and innovation with a wide range of partners, including patients and local communities.
  • Ensure that care is high quality and that risks are identified and managed effectively.

How you can get involved

The best way to have your voice heard and to stay informed about the framework’s progression is to sign up for Idea Drop through this online form.

Here you can add your ideas to a number of ‘challenges’ or questions that will be asked. You can also support the ideas of others by liking and commenting.

The design group will read all ideas and move them through a pipeline. You’ll be able to see your idea progress when you log into your Idea Drop account.

The Innovation Agency is leading the development this framework on behalf of Cheshire and Merseyside HCP. If you have any questions about this framework, please contact coach@innovationagencynwc.nhs.uk.

How it will be developed

The development of Cheshire and Merseyside’s framework will take place from March to May and will be submitted to the NHS in June, just prior to the formal creation of the ICS on 1 July.

NHS England has published a guidance document on what a good clinical and care leadership framework looks like, as well as five guiding principles for its development.

A ‘design group’ of approximately 30 people from various professions across the system will build the framework during a number of in-person workshops, but it is vital that many other voices are heard. This is why we are ‘crowdsourcing’ input through an online platform called Idea Drop.

Get involved in ICS development. Right now we are creating a leadership framework that outlines how clinical and care staff will collaborate and make decisions together.  Join us online to share your ideas, and comment and build on the ideas of others. Visit surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MT5Z5QM to take part.

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