The Benefits

The reforms will see individual organisations in Cheshire and Merseyside better supported by each other and the system through cooperation and collaboration.

The opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce duplication will lead to higher quality, more sustainable services.

Decisions will be taken closer to the communities they affect, leading to better outcomes. There will be a better use of community assets and a greater focus on prevention and wellbeing.

There are huge benefits for people and communities of having integrated care in their neighbourhoods by joining up primary, community, social care, and wellbeing services.

Involving people and communities

There are 10 principles which underpin how the Cheshire and Merseyside ICS will work with people and communities.

We will:

1. Put the voices of people and communities at the centre of decision-making and governance, at every level of the ICS.

2. Start engagement early when developing plans and feed back to people and communities how their engagement has influenced activities and decisions.

3. Understand your community’s needs, experience and aspirations for health and care, using engagement to find out if change is having the desired effect.

4. Build relationships with excluded groups, especially those affected by inequalities.

5. Work with Healthwatch and the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector as key partners.

6. Provide clear and accessible public information about vision, plans and progress, to build understanding and trust.

7. Use community development approaches that empower people and communities, making connections to social action.

8. Use coproduction, insight and engagement to achieve accountable health and care services.

9. Coproduce and redesign services and tackle system priorities in partnership with people and communities.

10. Learn from what works and build on the assets of all ICS partners – networks, relationships, activity in local places.

Benefits for our staff

Our staff are our greatest asset. Our ambition is a ‘one team’ approach, which for our staff will mean:

  • New ways of working that better meet the needs of local people.
  • Working collaboratively will create new and flexible roles, with development opportunities for staff and increased job satisfaction.
  • Health and care professionals will have more time to spend with people who need their help.
  • Having a greater impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities and a reduced level of bureaucracy will create a happier workforce with greater levels of purpose and job satisfaction.
  • Shared records and increased data sharing (another change outlined in the White Paper which will make joined-up working easier) will allow more timely access to patient information.
  • There will be improved communication between staff across all parts of the Cheshire and Merseyside system.
  • New technology and improved communication between services will make working lives easier and more efficient.

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