Dave Sweeney

Executive Director of Partnerships

Dave Sweeney has 24 years’ experience working in Health and Social care, commissioning, transformation and change management. Dave is a multi-award-winning commissioner. In early 2016 Dave won the UK Social Value individual leader award and in 2017 he was awarded Integrated leader of the year for his work around integrated sport and health. Dave is a graduate of the Yale global leadership program and continues to utilise his connections and compassionate leadership to ensure Cheshire and Merseyside flourish and lead the way in many areas of reducing health inequalities.

For many years Dave has liaised, understood and brokered high levels of change, this has partly been down to his extensive understanding of politics and local relationship management. Dave is passionate about mental wellbeing, supporting the wealth of our brilliant voluntary sector, social value and harnessing the power of communities. Dave is a proud Board Trustee of PSS in Liverpool, he is also a world record holder, Dad of two girls, a musician, songwriter and a self-proclaimed life-long punk rocker.

In his role as the Executive Director of Partnerships for the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership (C&MHCP), Dave is responsible for overseeing the left side of the NHS requirements; he leads on Social prescribing, Zero Carbon and sustainability, social value and is also the Senior Responsible Officer for Personalised care. Throughout his role, Dave supports the Partnership’s places to flourish and for all to become high functioning ICPs. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dave has led the safe flow and resilience protocol, which aims to bring a consistent approach to discharge across the system. Throughout his role within the Partnership, Dave has been the HCP Executive link to health inequalities ensuring a marked improvement in our communities

Why are you passionate about health and care across Cheshire and Merseyside?

Reducing Health inequalities, lobbying for a fairer society and ensuring health plays its part in the wider determinant’s of well-being. The richness of our communities’ assets are key to tap into what our populations need to stay healthy, illness free and economically sustainable.

What do you do to improve your health and mental wellbeing on a day-to-day basis?

To be around my girls as much as I can, I play any sport that will have me, still play competitive football (although many would say I should have hung my boots up years ago), ’’m a keen musician and love nothing more than thrashing out punk rock in my band to blow out the cobwebs. I love people and love to socialise, which is a bit difficult at the moment due to the pandemic, so I’ve found that keeping in close contact with family and friends has helped me enormously.

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