Fiona Taylor

Chief Officer, NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG

Fiona Taylor is the Accountable Officer for both Sefton Clinical Commissioning Groups that cover Southport, Formby and South Sefton. She oversees the development of the transformation programme and the strategic plan for the local NHS, Sefton2gether that supports the delivery of Sefton’s Health & Wellbeing strategy.

Fiona has also taken a leadership role as the Senior Responsible Officer for the medicines optimisation work across Cheshire and Merseyside and sits on the Partnerships Cancer Alliance board as well as representing North Merseyside Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Transforming Care Partnership.

Why are you passionate about public health and care across Cheshire and Merseyside?

Having been lucky enough to have worked in the NHS for nearly 39 years I have a deep sense of public service and desire for change to improve health and social care outcomes.

A key part of my role is working in partnership with other key stakeholders including Sefton Council, the community voluntary faith sector, health and social care providers, housing, education and politicians.

I am a nurse, midwife and health visitor by profession. My health visiting roots give me a real passion for supporting communities and the work that is required to promote good health to tackle health inequalities and improve outcomes. In my varied career I have been fortunate to work with fantastic leaders and I now act as coach and mentor to promote and prolong the values of the NHS.

What do you do to improve your health and mental wellbeing on a day-to-day basis?

I am a bit of a ‘Rock Chick’ so I like nothing more than to listen to progressive rock music which invigorates me and takes me back to my youth!

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