Cheshire and Merseyside’s Vaccine Director is urging anyone who has not had a Covid-19 jab to join the thousands taking-up the ‘evergreen’ offer as Winter approaches.

In the last few weeks, we have seen an increase in older people now coming forward for their first dose of the vaccine who have not taken up the opportunity earlier.

Nationally more than a half a million adults have come forward for a first dose since the beginning of September – a trend which is also being replicated in Cheshire and Merseyside.

Almost 3,000 people aged 80 and over had their first Covid-19 vaccine during this period and we have also seen people in their 90s deciding to get jabbed who had previously not done so.

Jayne Wood, Vaccine Director for C&M HCP, said: “Seeing older people coming forward now who have not done so before is encouraging.

“The figures we are seeing are a timely reminder that the NHS offer of a vaccine remains ‘evergreen’ and we will continue to vaccinate as many people as possible to help in keep Covid-19 at bay.

“I would encourage anyone who has not yet come forward for their vaccine, or who has older friends or relatives who have so far not taken up the offer, to come forward to help protect themselves and their loved ones.”

In the North West more than 11 million vaccines have been given since December last year. While the majority of eligible people have taken up the offer of a vaccine, there are around 543,000 adults who are yet to come forward for their first dose.

Dr Linda Charles-Ozuzu, Senior Responsible Officer for the Vaccination Programme in the North West, added: “As we approach what is expected to be a challenging winter, people can boost their immunity and also help to protect those around them by getting their jabs, whether that’s a first vaccine, second dose, booster or flu vaccine.

“Our message to everyone is, no matter how long it’s been since you were invited, this is an evergreen offer and it’s never too late to book your appointment or simply visit a walk-in clinic.”

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