Update from COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Cheshire and Merseyside – 25th March

Following a record-breaking weekend for the national vaccination programme, which saw 27 people per second being jabbed on Saturday, – around 1.3 million people have now been vaccinated in Cheshire and Merseyside.

As of March 22, more than 1,279 million vaccines had been delivered across the sub-region. This means that approximately 95% of over 70-year-olds, 86% of health and social care staff, 91% of 65–69-year-olds and an incredible 64% of 50-59-year-olds, who have only recently been invited for their vaccine, have already received their first dose. Around 22% of over 80s and 30% of health and social care workers have also had their second dose.

The programme is expected to slow down during April as vaccine producers have informed NHSE/I that volumes for first doses will be significantly constrained over the next four weeks. During this time, the priority is to double-down on cohorts 1-9.

The national booking service has now been opened to everyone aged 50 and over. We have been assured there will be enough vaccine to do these cohorts, including second jabs.

Our partners across Cheshire and Merseyside continue to urge anyone yet to be vaccinated to take up the offer. Text messages have been sent directly to people aged 50 and above to encourage them to book their vaccines if they have not already done so. The text includes a link allowing people to book a slot at an NHS vaccine centre, or pharmacy-led service through the online national booking service.

It is also important to note that the UK Medicines and Healthcare Related Products Agency (MHRA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have given their full approval for the Oxford Astra Zenica vaccine after rigorous evaluation. They have declared the vaccine safe and that there is no greater risk of blood clots from having the AZ vaccine.

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