Update from COVID-19 Vaccination Programme for Cheshire and Merseyside – 5th May 2021


As of May 4, approximately 2.082 million vaccines doses had been delivered across Cheshire and Merseyside. That means that more than 51% of the population of Cheshire and Merseyside have had their first and/or second dose of the vaccine.

One hundred percent of care home residents have had their first vaccination and 81% have already received their second dose. More than 94% of 65-69 year olds have had their first jab and 83% of 50-54 year olds. Around 52% of 45-49 year olds have also had their first dose.

Take a Second

People who are due for their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, are being encouraged to take up the offer as soon as they are invited.

Everyone in Cheshire and Merseyside is urged to attend their appointments. Even-though people may feel they are already protected from the virus following their first jab; they do not receive the maximum protection until both doses have been administered.

People who have been vaccinated are also asked to ensure that they continue to keep following the rules around social-distancing and mixing with others. People, no matter what their vaccine status, are also urged to continue getting tested as restrictions are eased, to protect themselves and their loved-ones.

Those who have been vaccinated, can still carry COVID-19 to someone else who may not be, so it’s essential to keep washing hands, wearing a mask when needed and keeping your distance.

More self-bookable vaccination sites now available in Liverpool

The local NHS is making it easier for people in Liverpool to book their own Covid-19 vaccination appointments, with an expanded list of local venues now appearing on the National Booking Service.

All eligible patients in Liverpool are now able to book an appointment for their first dose at a much wider range of vaccination sites across Liverpool – either online at: www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by calling 119 anytime between 7am -11pm, seven days a week (free of charge).

In addition, those who are eligible for the vaccine can also choose to book a vaccination appointment at the Aintree Hospital site which is not currently listed on the national system, but is offering some bookable appointments here.

A second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine should be given between 11 to 12 weeks after the first.

People who booked their first appointment through the national NHS Booking System can go online and book an appointment for their second dose now, if they haven’t yet done so.

Those who received a first dose through a local GP-led site will be contacted around a week and a half before their second dose is due and invited to make an appointment. This is to ensure that everyone receives a second dose of the same type of vaccine.

Anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable and needs help getting to a local vaccination centre for either dose, can call the Liverpool City Council COVID Advice Line (Freephone) on 0800 169 3032 for extra support such as a free taxi.

The NHS in Liverpool is also currently hosting some vaccination clinics via a mobile vaccination bus, but this service can’t be accessed through the same booking routes because it’s specifically focussed on reaching into targeted areas of the city where vaccine take-up has been lower. Instead, people will be informed as and when it’s coming to their area by an ‘on the ground’ engagement team who will be door knocking and leaflet dropping homes.

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