Improving quality of care

Our Partnership is working to keep people healthier for longer. But when people do actually need looking after, our families deserve care that’s personal, co-ordinated, convenient, safe and reliable. So, as a Partnership, we will be working to improve how many of our services are provided. We have a number of programmes of work including:

Mental health:

To promote mental wellbeing, we want to ensure consistent, high quality care wherever you live in Cheshire and Merseyside. We also will be delivering the ambitions of the Mental Health Forward View, including meeting the minimum level of investment in our services. Expectant mothers will also receive better care through a funding boost for perinatal services 


By 2020 we will have reduced cancer cases, achieved the national screening uptake targets and reduced the adult smoking rate to 15%. In addition, we will address why people in more deprived areas of the region die from cancer and work to reduce this. As part of our £9m National Cancer Transformation fund programme, we are focusing on delivering the National Cancer Strategy.

Cardiovascular disease:

Our aim is to reduce preventable and premature deaths from cardiovascular disease through a range of measures including improving prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and stroke. We will save lives among the under-75s and reduce admissions to hospital and the cost related to this.

Primary Care:

Our focus is to improve patient access, the quality of care and to invest in new ways of providing primary care, including medical, dental, pharmacy and eye care services.

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