Improving the health of the population

We are committed to improving our population’s health so that more people live well for longer.

In every community, we want to support people to take responsibility for their own wellbing and to live well.

The biggest improvements to population health will require health, social care and public health services to work in partnership.

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Local teams made up of people working in health, education, housing and other services will come together to work with people and their families to keep them well for longer and reduce the need for more complex, costly care where this is possible.

This could mean proactively identifying and working with people at risk of heart attacks, working to reduce alcohol abuse, or reduce the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Making sure all our children get the best possible start and go on to lead long and healthy lives is also important. That’s why we are making sure that services for parents and their children are the best they can possibly be.

Young people too need specialist support in their community and we will make sure that more can access these services when and where they need to. 

We are also committed to ensuring as many people as possible with a learning disability can live a more fulfilling life in the community, rather than hospital.

As well as this, the increase in the number of people with Type 2 diabetes now challenges the NHS and wherever possible prevention is better than cure. Becasue of this we're working with those people at high risk to improve their diet, exercise more and lose weight. 

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