The Executive Team’s Objectives & Strategy 21/22

The Executive Team have agreed their objectives for 21/22 and the strategy to achieve them, and you can see these below:

Executive Team Objectives

  • To support the development of nine Integrated Care Partnerships (ICP’s)
  • To establish a Provider Collaborative (s)
  • To support our system’s workforce through transition arrangements
  • To develop a wider leadership team
  • To implement the agreed transformation programmes
  • To implement clear system and Partnership governance arrangements
  • To develop and implement an (Integrated Care System) ICS financial framework
  • To be clear on what we do, how and why we do it and have effectively explained this.

Executive Team Strategy

  • We will be clear what we are commissioning at Place and at System level
  • We will engage with wider partners early and be clear who we need to engage with and which team member does what
  • We will encourage a shared and constructive approach to performance and assurance through our Provider and Place Collaboratives (ICPs)
  • We will compassionately support our staff through transition with an agreed framework
  • We will promote and champion equity of access and only endorse programmes which deliver our objectives
  • We will develop system governance to ensure we effectively monitor the outcomes and impact of our collective actions
  • We will maximise opportunities to develop the financial health of the system and develop a framework to monitor performance and encourage risk and gain share
  • We will communicate clearly and consistently and regularly seek feedback.
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