Webinar: Next steps in developing anchor institutions in our region


This webinar, with an introduction by ICB Designate Chief Executive Graham Urwin, follows our successful ‘Cheshire and Merseyside’s Journey to become an Anchor Institution’, webinar held in November.

Our aim is to establish an Anchor Institution Charter with an agreed set of principles, anchored in local communities, for as many organisations across the region as possible to adopt. The charter will reflect local needs and determine the organisational behaviour required to deliver them.

(Please complete the short survey being sent out across our communities before the event – this will be very useful in helping to shape some of the discussion)

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What is an anchor institution?

An anchor institution is a place-based organisation invested in its local area and cannot relocate to another part of the country. Examples include local councils, universities, colleges, local housing associations and local emergency services.

By their very nature, these organisations also spend substantial amounts of money within the local area. While most of their employees are likely to live within the local area, and spend their wages there, they also have significant procurement and investment spend which can also be spent locally.

They have a collective interest in seeing their local area improve and are always looking for more opportunities to advance collaboration with them.

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