Delivering care differently

iStock 504477822People are living longer and are also spending more years in ill-health. Needs are changing, new treatment options are emerging and demand is rising. There are more children, young people and adults with mental health challenges. There is also a rising burden of illness caused by smoking, drinking, obesity and similar public health threats. 

These developments have put the NHS and social care under increasing pressure, not just in our area but across the country.

Our Partnership is thinking differently about how our services need to change to overcome the huge challenges facing the caring services and to improve the health of our population. Every one of the nine places in our Partnership is developing a new model of care to roll out in 2019 that brings services together to encourage self-care, prevent illness and provide the right treatment at the right time at the right place.

The way care is delivered in each place will be different, but fundamental to all will be a focus on people and place, not organisations and the creation of a single, seamless heath and care service, wherever you live.

All health and social care for a population will be delivered by a neighbourhood team, removing the artificial barriers between primary (GP) care, secondary (hospital) care, social care, self care and social support. Teams will focus on local priorities and shift the balance to early intervention that can prevent the need for more invasive and expensive interventions later on. By moving care closer to home we will also improve residents’ independence and wellbeing while delivering a sustained reduction in the demand for expensive hospital services.

Neighbourhood teams will also work to minimise the number of people getting to the stage where they need to use health and care services where this is preventable. Bringing together services like housing, education and employment, we can improve our population’s health and support people to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and supported to live well.

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