Health has been steadily improving in Halton.

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People are living an average of two years longer than a decade ago.

Fewer adults smoke and, thanks to improvements in diagnosis and treatment, fewer people are dying of heart disease and cancers.

More children and older people are getting their vaccinations and immunisations, and Halton is above the national average for children participating in at least three hours of sport or physical activity each week.

However, life expectancy in Halton remains below the national average.

The One Halton Partnership

The One Halton Partnership brings together local NHS services, the council and other partners to improve health and care for local people. Its goals are to:

  • design and deliver services that enable people to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing
  • ensure people stay well in their own homes and communities as far as possible
  • provide complex care that is timely and appropriate

The partnership works with local communities to ensure it delivers services that are organised and delivered to get the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for our population of all ages and communities.

Covering two towns our neighbourhood “Hub model” allows multiple organisations and teams to work together seamlessly to support our population. We have created four hubs that exist both virtually and physically wrapped around the GP practices within Runcorn and Widnes supporting an approximate 30,000-50,000 population.

Each hub is made up of health and care professionals, health improvement officers, wellbeing practioners and the voluntary sector to promote self-care and independence, helping people to get the right care, in the right place, at the right time, from the right person that helps the individual to help themselves stay well and when necessary seek support where necessary and to access as quickly as possible. The hubs do not replace any existing GP practice but they are an opportunity for practices and other health and care professionals to work better together.

Connecting Care for Children (CC4C)

We are creating opportunities for greater partnership working between organisations for children and young people, plus creating an environment for community teams to work within the Neighbourhood “Hub model” providing an opportunity to involve colleagues from social care, mental health, third sector and education, with General Practice to address and manage children’s and adolescent health issues. The Connecting Care 4 Children encourages shared learning, provides a whole person approach including families & carers, increases parent and professional confidence in how child health services fit into our neighbourhood Hub model, creating better outcomes through coordinated care, enhanced paediatric skills, confidence and competence in the professionals and helps manage unplanned hospital attendance and admissions.

Beat the Scrum

One initiative to promote healthy living is the Beat the Scrum project in partnership with Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club. Widnes Vikings stars lead campaigns to help local people learn how to make the right NHS choices when sick or injured, so they can be treated more quickly and help take pressure off local health services.

Housing and health

As new homes are built and new places take shape, the One Halton Partnership is working to ensure that new developments take into account the health and wellbeing of the population. This will mean improved housing choices, better access to more green space and community facilities, and providing an environment where individuals and families can flourish and thrive.

The partnership has also created a team with housing and health partners to better target health campaigns to residents, to identify people who might need support to stay well, to train housing staff to spot the early signs of Dementia and raise awareness of scams that target older vulnerable people.

The Lead for Halton is David Parr, Chief Executive of Halton Borough Council.

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