In 2017 the borough’s Health & Social Care Transformation Plan was agreed and since then partners have been working towards integrated locality teams. In July 2017 ‘Knowsley Better Together’ was launched as the blueprint for the way in which public service partners, local businesses and local residents will work together to deliver a new deal for communities and improved outcomes for residents across the borough.

The aim of the Health & Social Care Transformation plan is to develop and implement new models of care that cross organisational and service boundaries and are firmly centred on the needs of individuals, families, carers and the local community. As a result we aim to:kirkby knowsley

• Increase in the number of people supported to manage their own conditions

• Reduce avoidable admissions to hospital

• Increasingly integrated community-based management of long-term conditions

• Improve the effectiveness of reablement services to support people to remain at home

• Increase social prescribing

• Increase resilience and sustainability of the Knowsley Health and Social Care system

• Reduce delayed transfers of care

Services will be co-ordinated through four locality hubs across the borough and over the past two years the partners across the borough have been working towards the delivery of integrated care through the locality hubs.

Case Study: Kirkby locality hub

Kirkby is the most deprived area of the borough. Morbidity rates for the majority of diseases in Kirkby are higher than the England average with the highest prevalence of disease being for respiratory disease, hypertension, obesity and depression.

Multi-disciplinary team working for patients at high risk of admission to hospital is already established within Kirkby.  Close working between clinicians, social care professionals, patients and their carers is already leading to some improvement in health and care outcomes, increased efficiency and reduction in duplication.

The lead for Knowsley is Dianne Johnson, Accountable Officer for NHS Knowsley CCG.  

More information on Knowsley can be found below: - Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy - Health Watch Knowsley - Knowsley Better Together - Knowsley Knowledge - Knowsley Carers Centre - Knowsley CCG - Knowsley Borough Council - Knowsley Public Health

 Knowsley Infographic


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