Liverpool is recognised internationally as a vibrant, culturally rich city, but, like many cities, has high levels of deprivation and health inequalities, which results in poorer health outcomes when compared to other areas in the country.

The city’s health and social care system faces a number of key challenges, including an ageing population and increases predicted in long-term conditions, including cancer, dementia, cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

One Liverpool is a place-based, whole-system plan, setting out how the local NHS, Liverpool City Council and other key partners across the city’s health and care system will come together to establish integrated services.

The aim is to better meet people’s needs, improve health outcomes, and to ensure that the health and care system is financially fit for the future.

The One Liverpool Plan sets out three main aims:

  • a radical upgrade in population health and prevention;
  • integrated community services;
  • standardised and sustainable acute and specialist services.

This ambition of better health is for all ages and also incorporates mental health, as well as the need to tackle the long term health inequalities that leave the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the city with a poorer experience of care, fewer years of healthy life and earlier death.

If Liverpool was a village of just 100 people…


Children are overweight or obese by year 6


Adults suffer from depression


5-16 year olds have a MH disorder


Will die from cancer


Adults are overweight or obese


Adults under 40 have Type 2 diabetes


People are living with a long term condition


Will die from heart disease


Are smokers


Is the average age that women will live to


People take less than 30 mins exercise a week


Is the average age that men will live to


People are over 75 years of age

To download the ‘If Liverpool was a village of just 100 people’ infographic, please click here.

View the place plan

Liverpool’s Place plan incorporates the requirements of the NHS Long Term Plan and details the footprint’s priorities for the next five years and how these will be achieved. Please click here to see Liverpool’s place plan.

Find out more about who’s involved

Jan Ledward, Chief Officer of NHS Liverpool CCG, is the Place lead for Liverpool. To find out more about Jan, please visit the NHS Liverpool CCG website.

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