Sefton is a vibrant and diverse borough, with a rich cultural heritage and a wealth of stunning natural resources that make it a great place to be.

Whilst overall health in Sefton is improving, significant gaps in health and life expectancy remain between those living in the most deprived and least deprived areas of the borough, due to some distinct local challenges and needs.

Sefton's ageing population is growing much faster than the national average, increasing future demand for health and care services.

The number of people with long term conditions, sensory impairment, dementia, cancer and other health problems is growing, as is the number of children with complex health and care needs.

Shaping Sefton for a healthier future

Sefton Health and Care Transformation Partnership brings a range of organisations from across the local NHS together with the council and other agencies to improve the lives of their residents.

The work of the partnership builds on the Shaping Sefton programme and its vision of ‘community centred health and care’. Collectively, partners want to create health and care services that are better ‘integrated’ or joined up, so they work seamlessly together.

This approach will not only improve patients’ experience of their care and treatment but also help ensure services remain sustainable into the future. Focused and continuous collaboration across the partnership and a clear programme approach backed by strong leadership is required to achieve this vision. It will see hospital, community, mental health, social care and primary care services (including general practice) being even more focused around the needs of the local population.

Sefton’s ‘place based model of care’ must be built up from community level using local clinician expertise and knowledge and taking into account the specific requirements of each of the differing areas of the borough, known as ‘localities’.

One of the areas the partnership is looking at is how best to ensure local hospitals continue to deliver high quality care, whilst at the same time reducing the need for people to visit them in the first place by providing more services within the community.

This would build on the vast majority of health care that is locally delivered, improving not only the experience of care for patients but keeping local health services both high quality and affordable.

As this work takes shape, the partnership in Sefton will want to hear the opinions of people across the borough and beyond about how local hospitals and the health and care services that support them, provide seamless, sustainable and the best possible care for local people into the future.

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Case Study: Integrated Frailty Pathway

Southport and Formby has a higher concentration of people over 65 than national average and neighbouring localities. There is a significantly high number of Care Homes (79) and a large demand for step up / step down Intermediate Care Beds to enable hospital flow.

The partnership has secured funding to bring together a team of professionals, starting work from September, to manage the cases of patients with complex needs.

Working across the localities, the team will be better able to assess, treat, evaluate and plan a patient's care needs closer to home, with a focus on avoidance of admission to hospital, as well as facilitating discharge. 

The lead for Sefton is Fiona Taylor, Chief Officer of NHS South Sefton CCG & NHS Southport & Formby CCG.


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