Cheshire West

The overall quality of life is good for many residents in Cheshire West. However, there are places where some communities experience multiple disadvantage and this affects their health and wellbeing.

The population has an ageing profile, with the number of residents aged over 65 expected to increase by more than 50% by 2029. The number of people over 85 will more than double and many of these will have long term conditions.  CriticalCareMidChes

The key lifestyle issues facing the area are smoking, unhealthy weight, lack of physical activity and substance misuse. The number of smokers has fallen in recent decades, but the smoking rate is still higher than the national average and there needs to be programmes aimed at reducing this.

Almost half of the areas' adults do not exercise enough and the number of overweight and obese adults and children is increasing.

Heart disease and cancer are the key diseases that contribute to life inequalities for men; in women, it’s cancer – particularly lung cancer.

A partnership approach for improving health and wellbeing will include addressing excess weight in children of primary school age, improving mental health services and increased support for older people.

The lead for Cheshire West is Delyth Curtis, Deputy Chief Executive – People, Cheshire West and Chester Council.cheshire west


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