Wirral is a borough of contrasts, both in its physical characteristics and demographics. Rural and urban industrialised areas sit side by side in a compact peninsula of just 60 square miles of coastline.

Demographically, Wirral differs slightly to England as it has a lower proportion of younger adults in their 20s and 30s and a higher proportion of older people. The area has many strengths but there are also significant inequalities, especially in relation to deprivation which is most prevalent in the eastern part of the borough.

Wirral is one of the 20% most deprived boroughs in England and about a quarter of children live in low income families. Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the England average. This drives poorer health outcomes in these areas with people more likely to smoke, have lower levels of physical activity and poor diets.

Wirral also has an older population when compared to the national average, especially those over 65 – with one in three living alone. Local priorities in Wirral include a healthy older age, a positive start in life and keeping people well by reducing alcohol and tobacco use and lowering blood pressure.

NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is striving to reduce the significant inequalities in the borough and aspires to eliminate them entirely in the future. Achievement of this ambitious aim will need a partnership approach due to the complex nature of the issues.

The Healthy Wirral partnership aims to support those living in the borough to live longer and healthier lives and access the very best health and social care services when they really need them, as close to home as possible.

Teams led by GPs and made up of health and care professionals and voluntary and third sector organisations will work in nine neighbourhoods across Wirral. The teams will know and have affinity with the local population and their needs, will identify people who would benefit from proactive care support and have a detailed knowledge of available people, services and community assets and where people are empowered to make the best choices, plans and actions for health and wellbeing.

If Wirral was a village of just 100 people…


Children are overweight or obese by year 6


Adults suffer from depression


5-16 year olds have a MH disorder


Will die from cancer


Adults are overweight or obese


Adults under 40 have Type 2 diabetes


People are living with a long term condition


Will die from heart disease


Are smokers


Is the average age that women will live to


People take less than 30 mins exercise a week


Is the average age that men will live to


People are over 75 years of age

To download the ‘If Wirral was a village of just 100 people’ infographic, please click here.

View the place plan

Wirral’s Place plan incorporates the requirements of the NHS Long Term Plan and details the footprint’s priorities for the next five years and how these will be achieved. Please click here to see Wirral’s place plan.

Find out more about who’s involved

Simon Banks, Chief Officer of NHS Wirral CCG, is the Place lead for Wirral. To find out more about Simon and to connect with him via LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter, please visit the NHS Wirral CCG website.

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